About Us

Business Architects Ltd is a firm of Industrial Systems Integrators with strong expertise in Industrial Networking, Automation, Computing,Integration, Visualization, and IT Infrastructure and Communication protocols. We have capacity to deliver intelligent transportation, including any aspect of road and rail systems; smart oil field; systems protection, monitoring and controls; interactive multimedia point of service (POS) solutions; IP surveillance systems; networking and integration of intelligent electronic devices(IED) and building of ergonomic control, data and network communication centres. We support clients' business in the transportation, oil & gas, retail & hospitality, power, factory and construction vertical markets. Our services enable smart and reliable measurement, instrumentation, data acquisition, communication, protection, control, reporting and visualization of industrial activities and events real time.


The aim of our solutions and services is to improve system efficiency, asset management, machine to machine communications; real time response to service requests, interruptions and equipment problems; provide comprehensive surveillance, security and safety in work places; and seamlessly communicate reports and visualised scenarios across multiple decision points and networks. We painstakingly choose solutions that are implementable with enormous flexibility to allow for ease of configuration, viewing, monitoring and troubleshooting of the network resources, and sharing of information over different geographical sites, so that many users can share the information they want in a safer way, thus adding collaboration and system intelligence to operations and decision-making.


We enable a smart world through “Intelligent Automation, Seamless Integration”

Our Core Values

Customer Satisfaction

We regard it as a privilege to serve our customers well. We do whatever it takes to solve a customer's problem satisfactorily. If a customer has a need and it comes to our table, we own it, it becomes our first priority.

Professional Courtesy

W e comport ourselves with the highest levels of business ethics and professional courtesy. This guiding value determines how employees interact with customers and fellow workers. We foster an open-door policy to facilitate coordination, open spaces to encourage communication, constructive and respective tone in relationships.


We demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism and quality so we can build trust in everything we do.

Goal and Action Orientation

In pursuing our objectives, we have a bias for action. Meetings will not finish without a decision. Once a decision is made, full commitment is expected of participants.