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Command & Control Room

We have been designing, building and managing intelligent Control Rooms for support of tasks and needs of institutions, enabling them to manage data and disseminate information efficiently and safely within a collaborative space. We undertakes new constructions, renovations and upgrades of physical and audio visual aspects of control rooms for: Broadcast and Information Transmission, Security Control, Network Operations, Air Traffic Control, Oil Rig Control, Power Plant Process Control, Industrial Process Control, Traffic Control, Emergency and Situation Awareness Control, Call Centre, Stock Trading Room, Retail Services Control, Educational Training, Meeting Rooms, Medical Theatres, Cinema Theatres, and Customer Service. BA renders support to Oil & Gas, Marine, Transport, Telecomm, Banking, Insurance, Defence, Government, Education, Power, Water & Wastewater, Factory, Security, Healthcare, etc.

Control Room Ergonomics

We have expertise to determine an efficient arrangement of your control room environment in terms of space layout, interior furniture systems and ergonomics, cabling and cable management, communications equipment, power, cooling, video wall displays, workstations and audio visual quality. Our service focuses on satisfying clients’ goals of ergonomics, comfort, safety, functionality and innovation in control room development. We can design and construct overview screens to suit any control room requirements. Whether it is for a large-scale video wall or ultra-thin and stretched, high-definition screens that can provide instant information and high quality images that enable operators to acquire, control and analyse visual data quickly, or multiple displays arranged in workstations throughout the control room, we can deliver an integrated control and command centre that let you focus on effective operations. As systems integrators,   we have expertise to collate data, video, voice and controls from edge devices through integrated communication protocols. We can connect control room solutions with databases and sensor information from many different networks to help gather and display information for a better understanding of situations real time. Our networked visualization solutions takecare of the    real-time distribution of information of any size. We select and deploy technologies, topologies, protocols and devices such that we can move any amount of signals, data, video, voice and controls from any location, over any distance, to be displayed on any screen, anywhere.

Design Services

We work with a team of professionals including Architects, Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, etc to bring about customers requirements of comfort, safety, ergonomics and innovation into the control room space. We listen to our clients to gather real information about their challenges and expectations for the new work environment. We fuse these concerns into approved international standards for control room design together with our years of designing workspaces for efficient workflow, safety and placement of interior furniture systems and decors, to bring style into our command & control rooms delivery. With the information gathered, we develop a conceptual design of the work environment which we share and agree with our clients before we produce the final 3D drawing for the manufacturing group to implement.

We offer world class VuWall software for the operation of large screen systems and multi-monitor systems. The software provides for operators control over all connected signal sources and offers collaboration, distribution and interaction of information in control rooms and presentation spaces in an efficient way. Our software is based on an intuitive user interface which reduces reaction times and makes the operation of video wall systems more efficient.

Video Wall Management
The software package allows operators to remotely manage (through a shared network) the content of the display wall desktop. Multiple operators can control the wall simultaneously from their desktop computer. Our Software is a complete network- centric collaboration tool for control rooms, including managing the captured sources as well as running local applications on the video wall server itself. It gives individual operators the ability to manage multiple video walls from their computers. Any operator can access any computer in the control room through the LAN. Multiple operators can work simultaneously on any of the video walls in the control room.

Our software can handle your need for broadcast and information transmission, security control & domain risk management, network operations, air traffic control, oil rig control, power plant process control, industrial process control, road/rail traffic control, emergency and situation awareness control, call centre, stock trading room, retail services control, educational training room, meeting rooms, medical theatres, cinema theatres, and digital signage presentations, etc.

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