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We employ RFID, RTLS, Cellular, Satellite and sensor technologies to bring visibility into the complex operations of Oil & Gas industry. We provide tracking solutions to capture, identify, locate and visualize data, video, controls concerning oil field drilling activities, compressor stations, valve/pump stations, pipelines, analyzers, temperature/flow meters, etc to fulfil various application needs of stakeholders in the oil & gas industry. We equally provide real time locating of personnel who work in the harsh environment of oil & gas. We provide certified products such as HMI, communication devices/protocols, Ethernet Switches, Media Converters, Data Acquisition Devices, IP Cameras and Wireless devices suited for the demanding automation requirements of oil & gas applications.

Oil Field Drilling Monitoring System

We provide solutions to bring remote video surveillance and data acquisition to multiple wellheads scattered throughout vast expanse of land and sea where
wellheads operate. Each wellhead is equipped with various sensors and meters that need to be monitored and controlled from a central HMI, often miles away fromthe assets in the field. Where there is no power, we install solar or wind power solutions at each wellhead to support the electrical needs of the drilling points, temperature meters, cameras, network and communications devices.

Pump Station Monitoring System

BA provides an intelligent remote supervisory system to monitor the operating status of local and remote intelligent equipment. Our solution manages and controls the water injection pumps and valves, the parameters of intelligent equipment such as the temperature and pressure of lubricating oil; valve opening angles; the details of valves, alerts and the open/close functions.

Tank Storage Monitoring

BA provides solutions that help monitor fuelling operations. The information and machine diagnostic data will be collected and sent back to the office and corporate headquarters. our solution measures fuel levels, temperature and estimated volume information. We install oil terminal supervisory system’s technology that is reliable, easy to maintain, and scalable. We automate systems which uses unified control module to control all the points of the oil terminal and ensure data transmission quality and safety whilst being compatible with other systems such as ERP.

Equipment Safety Status Monitoring

We track valuable equipment for proper unit count, utilization,maintenance, storage, and compliance with safety requirements and efficiency drivers. We implements supervisory control and data acquisition system in oil & gas facilities to acquire real-time equipment status that enables management to monitor and control assets from remote locations. Each equipment is RFID tagged to provide real time monitoring and visibility.

Automated Fuel Management System for Petrol Stations

BA supplies and installs automated petrol station control system for dispensing, metering, and monitoring of petrol tanks at a petrol station. The system is supported by real-time connectivity between the petrol station, its corporate head office and any regulatory agency in the performance/control chain. To minimize fuel consumption costs, fleets need to accurately record and report fuel usage to other enterprise systems and the fleet maintenance system.To prevent theft and maintain effective inventory control, the amount of fuel being transported by the truck is constantly measured by an RFID probe inside the bulk fuel tank as part of the tank monitoring system.

SCADA Monitoring

We provide robust system for the collection of equipment data from remote oil & gas sites and converts it into actionable intelligence using cost-effective and reliable satellite and cellular communications. This makes it easier to reduce maintenance costs and site visits, minimize downtime and maximize output of a variety of critical equipment.


Gain Full Visibility of Remote SCADA System Sites

  • Monitor and control critical SCADA system
    equipment with full visibility from a central
    location via reliable, always-on connectivity.

  • Connect remote, orphan sites, where connectivity
    is otherwise unavailable, unreliable or costprohibitive

  • Enhance production by enabling more efficient
    and cost-effective collection of critical operations

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Equipment Downtime

  • Lower operations costs by enabling preventative
    maintenance with regular equipment monitoring.

  • Reduce downtime and production losses with early
    fault detection and quick response time.

  • Extend connectivity to sites without the cost of
    upgrading legacy SCADA system equipment.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Site Visits

  • fewer routine and emergency visits to remote sites.

  • Deliver alarms and event notifications based on user-defined thresholds
    and criteria.

  • Evolve from the use of auto dialers to a more comprehensive way of
    managing remote SCADA sites

Connect to Remote PLCs and RTUs

  • Provide connectivity between remote SCADA PLCs and the Human Machine
    Interface (HMI) system using edge analytics to send only relevant

  • Streamline operations by using edge analytics to collect and analyze field
    data locally.

  • Bridge the communications gap between RTUs and IP-based SCADA control

  • Support industry-standard protocols such as Modbus and OPC.

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